Learn Cisco Certificate

June 11, 2007

Cisco certifications are one of the most sought after certifications in the IT certification industry. They identify talented IT Professionals, who can plan, design, implement, and operate small to medium enterprise networks. They provide the opportunity to enhance your ability in the world of IT Networking & Security. Cisco certifications are CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCIE ..

Learning-cisco.com is one of collection websites aim to give cisco network learners a huge article resources for training. It ‘s just a collection of article links from many useful sites.


Kubuntu 7.04 Released

April 20, 2007

Kubuntu 7.04, development codename “The Feisty Fawn”, was released today. Free CDs are available through ShipIt. Kubuntu prides itself on working towards the perfect KDE GNU/Linux solution, and with this latest release the development team worked harder than ever to do just this. 7.04 includes many updates, new features, and the latest releases of your favorite applications. KDE 3.5.6 is of course the desktop of choice, with K3b up to the milestone 1.0.

The development team has worked hard to incorporate the best usability and accessibility features, to tame the edginess, and to provide a stable and secure computing environment for everyone. So stand with us and congratulate the Kubuntu development team and its many users in a job well done.

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The HP company might start the production of PCs with preinstalled Linux system. However, the vendor’s global initiative is not yet relevant in Russia. HP’s Russian office said there is not much demand for open source OS in this country.
HP has been cooperating with Linux programmers in server solutions, PCs, notebooks, and thin clients for a long time. “Earlier personal computers with preinstalled Linux SuSe distribution 9.2 as well as Free-DOS, Windows XP Home, Pro, Vista were among the computers produced for Russia. Due to insignificant demand for Linux-running computers only systems with Free-DOS, Windows XP Home, Pro, Vista in our product line. Our policy here is determined by the market. If there is sufficient demand for Linux-runing computers, we will resume deliveries to Russia”, Dmitry Efremov, Manager of Desktop Computers Department of HP Russia told CNews.
Generally speaking, there is a certain demand for PCs with open source OS in Russia. Yet, it is currently insignificant in the total volume of PCs sold, HP said. Such operating systems are mostly used in business rather than home use.

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March 11, 2007

Can you believe?This is a strange picture of an ipod with linux loaded.Will it happen?Wait and see.

While looking around the internet i came to read this news from winspin .
Nintendo, the most family friendly of the gaming companies, may be opening the door to interactive porn. Specifically, the launch of the Wii remote has caused a chain reaction of innovation in the market for porn. In addition to adult sites creating Wii friendly navigation, there’s also a Wiibrator, activated by USB and bluetooth.

Ozgur Alaz reported on PSFK, “The last buzz about Wii is that it could begin a new generation of porn industry. “Wii Mote Strap” gives players the ability to give pleasure to computer women in matured themed games.”

“So shortly after getting the trial version of opera on the Wii I went to a free adult site Tiava.com to look at some photos. Yesterday I went back and… well apparently either the site maintainers are Wii enthusiasts or I’m not the only one. The site has added a “Wii friendly” interface for browsing their content. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised the adult industry seems to always know where technology is going, but I’m surprised to see it so quick. The browser hasn’t been available but for a week now.” (arstechnica)

You had to know this was coming as pormasters are always on top of the latest trends. Since this is a touchy subject, all comments will be greatly appreciated.

This is a news published in cnet.
Applications that test bandwidth speeds have been around for years, but Speedtest.net takes the concept a step further.

The site allows you to select servers to ping from around the country on an interactive map and graphically displays connections as they travel with varying speeds along the way. It also lets you store results of tests for your computer and sort them by date, time, speed and distance.

Finally, Speedtest provides a simple way to share your results with others–taking the practice of monitoring bandwidth into the Web 2.0 realm.