March 11, 2007

Can you believe?This is a strange picture of an ipod with linux loaded.Will it happen?Wait and see.


Spending a lot of timefor evaluating Linux vs. Windows and Windows vs. the MacOS, I came to know that the real battle is between the MacOS and Linux. Salessheet shows that about 9000 people switch to mac everyday from windows.Being an Opensource product linux has its own importance.That battle really kicks off this year with Apple stepping up their effort sharply with the Leopard, and Dell becoming aggressive (with others likely to follow) with SUSE Linux (though this choice may change).
Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages against each other and the winner will likely be the solution that walks away with the greatest number of advantages and the least number of disadvantages.
lets have a look ,why microsoft was thrownout of the war? What are theProblems with Microsoft in General ?

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