Top 11 reasons to use Google Apps

September 21, 2007

 By offering low upfront costs, reduced overall risk, instant global reach and access to enterprise-level software solutions, Google Apps provides a compelling opportunity for every organization. Those who capitalize on it will reap significant immediate benefits.

I found the following reasons for why we must use google apps??

1.Eliminate email hassles instantly. No more outages, lost mail, spamming, phishing, viruses, security breaches.

2.Reduce costs. Eliminate the hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades, and services associated with your current environment.

3.Enable collaboration for everyone, from anywhere. Access and collaborate on all your documents and spreadsheets from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

4.Get everyone on the same page. Bring all your key information together in one central, easy-to-use, searchable location.

5.Reduce IT overload. Google handles all technical aspects, freeing up your team to focus on other projects, and allowing you to reduce your online communication and collaboration costs to one low monthly fee.

6.Instantly increase the productivity, knowledge, teamwork, and communication capabilities. Provide instantly accessible tools, including Web-based business class email, online document management, online calendars, blogs, wikis, etc. to your business and your team.

7.Make partnering and out-sourcing more efficient. Create a platform that can seamlessly support virtual ad-hoc teams (without the intervention of an “administrator”), thereby quickly reducing your costs.

8.Increase your peace of mind. With Google’s hosted, fast, safe, and secure file storage, you never have to worry about losing critical business information. You also never have to worry about scalability – Google apps will support any number of users who can be added at any time.

9.Get automatic versioning. Any change to any information in a Google document or spreadsheet creates a new version of the information. Even if a document or spreadsheet is being authored by many users simultaneously, none of the information will ever get lost. If any change is unacceptable, the contents of it can be quickly rolled back to any of its previous states with a couple of clicks.

10.Take advantage of continuous improvement. All Google Apps updates are immediately distributed to all customers. This means that you always have the latest and greatest features immediately available for use in your organization – without doing a thing.

11.New hires are already using this technology. People entering the workforce today have lived and breathed the web since they were in high school. If you don’t provide company endorsed solutions, they will end up using tools that are available on the open Internet until you do.


11 Responses to “Top 11 reasons to use Google Apps”

  1. Good list but Google Apps doesn’t offer blogs or wikis, yet. You mentioned blogs and wikis in item 6.

    Thanx, PLA

  2. Putrescent Says:

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