Russia doesn’t need PC with Linux

March 15, 2007

The HP company might start the production of PCs with preinstalled Linux system. However, the vendor’s global initiative is not yet relevant in Russia. HP’s Russian office said there is not much demand for open source OS in this country.
HP has been cooperating with Linux programmers in server solutions, PCs, notebooks, and thin clients for a long time. “Earlier personal computers with preinstalled Linux SuSe distribution 9.2 as well as Free-DOS, Windows XP Home, Pro, Vista were among the computers produced for Russia. Due to insignificant demand for Linux-running computers only systems with Free-DOS, Windows XP Home, Pro, Vista in our product line. Our policy here is determined by the market. If there is sufficient demand for Linux-runing computers, we will resume deliveries to Russia”, Dmitry Efremov, Manager of Desktop Computers Department of HP Russia told CNews.
Generally speaking, there is a certain demand for PCs with open source OS in Russia. Yet, it is currently insignificant in the total volume of PCs sold, HP said. Such operating systems are mostly used in business rather than home use.

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