A fast way to install ATI and NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu

March 12, 2007

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58 Responses to “A fast way to install ATI and NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu”

  1. napox Says:

    I first noticed Envy few month ago, Alberto Milone made a very simple process for installing video drivers. he is very active in ubuntu forums as well.

  2. kamy Says:

    Thx a lot for this. I was just looking for this as I’m switching to Ubuntu because Vista is terrible.

  3. tomas Says:

    envy sounds nice, i’ve recently installed ubuntu and im currently flying on a x1900 ati-card. so, it does not just install nvidia but also my precious x1900? at work atm, cannot check it out for myself, maybe you can rise my hopes for this shitty day to be, eventually, successful.

    been trying to get ati-drivers working for two evenings now, and since im a beginner in linux im loving the challenge but right now i just want it to work asap so i can get on to the next piece of customization 🙂

  4. H. E Says:

    I had a problem with my Xorg.conf file after installing Beryl and after that, my resolution became blurry and would only work at 1024*768 but then I installed Envy and ran the install.

    It worked like a charm and I am able to see the screen in crisp resolution.

    I recommend using this.

  5. William Says:

    As of March 12th, the latest stable version of Envy is version 0.9.1-0ubuntu3, not 0.8.1-0ubuntu6

  6. discoverx Says:

    thanks for your information…

  7. MWT Says:

    I have used Envy many times (when an upgrade requires I reinstall the nVidia drivers) and it has worked flawlessly every time.

    Many thanks to Alberto.

  8. TJ Says:

    Cool, thanks for writing this. I’ve bookmarked it for all our Ubuntu users.

  9. vash Says:

    ok this shows just the nvidia drivers what about the ATI ones ???

  10. Sean Says:

    “so, it does not just install nvidia but also my precious x1900?”

    Yes, I used it just a bit ago and it had me choose between nVidia and ATI drivers.

  11. Whoopie Says:

    William is right, here is a link to the new version. http://albertomilone.com/ubuntu/nvidia/scripts/envy_0.9.1-0ubuntu3_all.deb

  12. Cbaar Says:

    Small addendum:
    I haver never used Ubuntu (just a few other debianoids), but on no Linux distribution I have encountered, Ctrl-Alt-F1 kills X; it just switches over to Terminal 1.

  13. John Mattos Says:

    Great script!!!!! Thanks so much for the tip.

  14. cdrz Says:

    No luck with my x1950 pro… once the drivers are installed X will fail at startup.

  15. CharlesV Says:

    I understand that this is “breathtakingly easy” as opposed to the previous installation scripts and hacks to get everything working, but from a user standpoint? Ubuntu is supposed to be the most human-friendly version of linux to date, and it largely is, but barriers like this will keep 90% of regular users from from ever getting farther than a basic install.

  16. Hank Says:

    And ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn’t ‘kill X-Windows’, it switched to the first text console. X-Windows is still running, and you can get back to it with ctrl-alt-F7.

  17. DZ-014 Says:

    Actually, automatix is pretty easy, too:

    has many other goodies a well. I haven’t actually tried envy, so I’m not dissing it or you, just suggesting more easy solutions for the n00bs.


  18. Matt Says:

    Does this driver install take care of the massive fan noise on the ATI card?

    When I installed the ATI baked drivers, my fan on the card would kick on every 5 minutes…

  19. cthelight Says:

    Linux rocks, Vista sucks
    (my point… Linux rocks, vista sucks)
    Nice post about installing graphics cards in linux…

  20. Ankur Says:

    Awesome! It worked without a hiccup.

  21. Brian Says:

    Envy does not work on my laptop. It appears to not recognize Geforce2Go. While I can get my graphics card working under Gentoo, Mandrake and Red Hat, I never got it working under Ubuntu. Envy didn’t help. In fact, it just fell flat. It specifically picked the wrong NVidia drivers, and I could see a message on the prompt saying they were the wrong drivers. I guess Envy doesn’t pay attention to the console output it produces!

    Ah well I don’t need Ubuntu anyway.

  22. scotte Says:

    Uh, Ctrl-Alt-F1 does not kill X, it only switches virtual terminals.

    Also, there’s no such thing as X-Windows. It’s “X” or the “X Windowing System”.

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  24. shane Says:

    hi im trying to install drivers for an NIC in my distro, im new to linux and not sure what to do, please can someone post me some url’s to tutorials that may help…cheers shane

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  26. Jason Says:

    Thank You! Thank You! I’ve been looking like a fiend for something that would work. This worked first time! Now I can leave Window$ forever. (To Myself) “Free! I’m Free!”

  27. Arem Says:

    Wow. I would have paid money for that not all that long ago…


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  29. psoplayer Says:

    Nice find, though I don’t think I will switch to using it, as I’ve become accustomed to installing the drivers through Synaptic and editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf by hand.

  30. cheeze Says:

    Great stuff – But i don’t see any guide for ATi-users?

  31. blackout2day Says:

    There is a new version of this package with an extremely easy GUI just see the main page.

  32. Dayvan Cowboy Says:

    Great suggestion, thank you..

    BTW, you are not “killing” X11 when you hit ctrl+alt+f1, you are simply switching to a text console. Hitting ctrl+alt+f7 will bring you back to your X session uninterrupted.

  33. Scott Says:

    Just listing the creators page. Also there is now a gui where you can remove/install the drivers from inside X

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  36. Noodles Says:

    Nice. I’m just getting pass being a noob and well.. programs such as this just make it that much easier.

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  38. nicola Says:

    please link to the project page
    the linked version is outdated. Even if happened once that it worked when the newest one failed to. (is it English I’m writing in ?)

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  40. hiten Says:

    this leaves me with a broken X server. lame. i don’t need ubuntu anyway.

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  42. Masha Says:

    very nice blog

  43. directtv Says:

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  44. oops Says:

    THanks for this. I has having a hard time installing the drivers manually, but Envy made it easy. 🙂

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  46. Ravan Says:


    I tried Envy under Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (beta) but get this error in the log file:
    ENVY ERROR: Your Operative System does not seem to be supported by Envy

    Any prospect on support for the latest Ubuntu?

  47. jon Says:

    God bless you all… I’m a linux noob, getting ready to run windows only in VM… this ATI thing was killing me.

  48. Jeff Says:


    I’ve been running Feisty for about 8 weeks (beta). Everything was working great until I tried the new Nvidia glx 9631 driver with my Geforce3 TI200. The advanced 3D features seemed to work okay, but I discovered that certain window button behavior wasn’t working. In Gnome-term, for example, I would sometimes have to give the “exit” command to close the terminal, instead of clicking the upper right “X” button.

    So, I decided to return to the original driver. I used Synaptic to uninstalled 9631 and re-install 9755 (nvidia-glx-new). After running “sudo nvidia-glx-config enable” I received an error message and ended up in a vicious circle of booting into recovery mode and changing the xorg.conf file, only to find that I could never get the proprietary driver enabled. I’m still stuck with the generic nv driver.

    So please, Alberto, if you hear people say that Feisty doesn’t need Envy, don’t listen to them. Feisty does not handle these drivers properly, and even a moderately experienced Linux guy like me will greatly appreciate your updating Envy to support Feisty. Thanks for all your work.

  49. Jake Says:

    Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn’t kill X. This command switches to a full screen console. The key combination to kill X is Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.

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  51. MG Says:

    @ Ravan

    I had the same problem but after I tried envy 0.9.5 everything was OK with script. eventhought after installation I still ahve problem with my resolution.

    try to get the new envy from here:



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