March 11, 2007

Can you believe?This is a strange picture of an ipod with linux loaded.Will it happen?Wait and see.


5 Responses to “Linux_On_Ipod”

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  2. Talia Says:

    I can hardly even imagine there being an ipod that ever looked like that let alone linux on it! 😛 But that would be awesome, and I would love it!

  3. Jason Says:

    A link to the ipod linux project. I know it can be used for a number of cool tricks, but I only have access to an ipod Nano… and it doesn’t belong to me, so I havn’t been able to try it out for myself

  4. SebZ-MBN Says:

    I have an iPod Mini (and I hate it!) and it has Rockbox and iLinux(as I like to call it)

    It works really nicely. There’s heeps of apps out there for it, and it works really well.

    I’d recommend Rockbox and iLinux to ANY iPod (eugh) user!
    I’m installing it on 8 of my friends iPods (eugh).

    Personally I’d choose my iriver H340 over iPods (eugh)..

    Why do I have an iPod (eugh)?
    I got it for free from school.
    Someone lost it and it wasn’t claimed at school for more than 12 months so I got it.

    Why do I keep putting ‘eugh’ after all my iPod (eugh) words?
    Cos I loathe iPods! (eugh!)

  5. aan Says:

    nice info… thanks

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