Top opera tips

March 8, 2007

Opera is regarded as the fastest browser in the earth.The truth is that opera is not only a browser,we can consider opera as a complete internet tool.I am going to give you some useful gorgeous tips of opera.hope you like it.
These tips apply to Opera 8.5 and opera 9.But it’s worth mentioning that the latest major update of Opera (version 9.10) will come with several more features to look forward to, mainly built-in BitTorrent support. Other features include widgets, content blocking, and rich text editing to name a few..

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4 Responses to “Top opera tips”

  1. […] Ryan posted some tips and keyboard shortcuts for Opera. On the DiscoverX blog, Raju compiled his top 15 Opera tips, the tips seems very useful to upcomers. […]

  2. baldiepie Says:

    Re.(7)above:-available in Opera 9.10 in Tools/Quick Preferences/ Edit Site Preferences/Network/Browser ID/Mask As IE.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Che Says:


    Is it possible to set custom UserAgent header for Opera?


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