Learn UNIX in 10 minutes..

March 2, 2007

Learning unix is not so simple. but this can be done in 10 minutes.This is something a professor had given out to students (CAD user training) in years past.
The purpose was to have on one page the basics commands for getting started using the UNIX shell (so that they didn’t call me asking what to do the first time someone gave them a tape).

view tutorial here 


54 Responses to “Learn UNIX in 10 minutes..”

  1. adger Says:

    Yes and home dentistry is a good thing too.

  2. […] UNIX in 10 minutes.. Filed under: Uncategorized — recar @ 5:13 am Learn UNIX in 10 minutes.. Learning unix is not so simple. but this can be done in 10 minutes.This is something a professor […]

  3. nico Says:

    nice, but confusing for noobs… i would recommend this book… Unix Shells by Examples by Ellie Quigley… it starts how the shell works building up all the things mentioned here with tons of examples and the best things is if you like any particular shell you can learn its syntax… list price 55…. but worth every penny,,,

  4. […] a professor had given out to students (CAD user training) in years past………read more | digg […]

  5. ocin Says:

    Unix Shells by Examples by Ellie Quigley is HORRIBLE AND FULL OF ERRORS. Not worth the paper it’s printed on. Read the Advanced Bash Guide, which will cost you $0.

  6. Vinh Says:

    I actually found this very useful and have bookmarked it. Thanks

  7. sleepykit Says:

    Call me crazy but that is not as helpful as it looks. You read all that go “huh”?

  8. Max Says:

    Nice information.

  9. I don’t think this is for newbies. Anyway, please close your bold tag.

  10. TiDeS Says:

    it wud take a hell lotta time for beginners aka noobs to even hav a glance on the full sheet of commands..

  11. Jason Says:

    I love shells 🙂 but then in this day and age, someone installing Ubuntu or Kubuntu (or some other distro) is not likely to ever need a shell directly. Linux is pretty much point-and-click these days.

  12. […] Learn UNIX in 10 minutes – discoverx.wordpress.com Learning unix is not so simple. but this can be done in 10 minutes.This is something a professor had given out to students (CAD user training) in years past.The purpose was to have on one page the basics commands for getting started using the UNIX shell … […]

  13. It is too much information in 10 mins and too cluttered.

  14. Blebekblebek Says:

    Thx for the command list 😉
    very useful when I try to managet my server under shell, never know where to find this, I use MC all the time.

    btw… no… I can’t remember all of it in 10mnts

  15. azrin Says:

    Too much headaches.
    I just use KNOPPIX instead~!

    Azrin @ http://azrin.net
    The Geek!

  16. abe Says:

    You forgot to mention that practices and total understand require more than just 10 minutes. This is not a guide for newbies, this is more of a cheat sheet.

  17. discoverx Says:

    unix is more advanced than knoppix.learning it will develop your script writing skill.

  18. myanger Says:

    Looks very confusing for a new comer.thanks for sharing your thought with us.

  19. John Frink Says:

    Actually, for me as a noob, “Learn Linux in 10 Minutes” is very useful. Very, very useful. It does not teach shell commands in 10 minutes, but it gives an easy understandable overview of the basic commands. If it had an explanation of the folder structure, it’d be perfect. But let me add this: the problem with people who work with linux for a rather long time, is that they can hardly assess what a newbie needs to know when they teach him. I’ve experienced such people, they teach you nothing. Even most books on linux, even if they are for beginners, make terrible educational mistakes, and they come very fast to a point, where they use knowledge that the reader somehow had to acquire by himself, because the book doesn’t say a word about it. IMHO open source in general requires a “special” way to think, because it comes from programmers and coders… and not with the help of designers. Hence a very special usability.

  20. It does provide a descent web-based command syntax reference for those students who understand UNIX, but Learn??? That is a far leap.

    The vi section is nice but most students today are missing the concept of input and edit modes of an editor.

  21. m3ta Says:

    test, sorry just testing my Perl program =>

  22. truthspew Says:

    I’ve been around Unix/Linux for years. The only thing I loved in that little 10 minute tutorial was global search and replace for the vi editor. I hate emacs with a passion so this was a great relief.

  23. sachster Says:

    Dude – If I may be so bold to ask you – Do you have a life outside of this? Don’t get me wrong, I admire your passion for technology but there’s got to be more to life than this – no?

  24. […] I wish I’d seen this about 3 years ago. Thank you, freeengineer. [via Discover (nithin)] […]

  25. amazon707 Says:

    Simply Great piece of article…congrats 🙂

    Samiha Esha 🙂

  26. profacero Says:

    I think it is quite good, and I am going to study it as I need to get better at UNIX!

  27. lnxwalt Says:

    This cheat-sheet is definitely going to be very helpful, even for someone who has been using Linux since 1998 and FreeBSD since 2002. Even Ubuntu users sometimes have to use the command-line.

    In any Unix-like operating system, the command-line is where most of your power is found. Simple, yet flexible, these tools can combine to accomplish amazing tasks. Graphical tools are getting to where they can do almost everything, but they are not there yet.

    In Windows systems, the command-line has some extra power, but there are some areas where the much slower point-and-click tools are the only way to obtain a desired result.

  28. […] Learn UNIX in 10 minutes.. « Discover Designed to get students to hit the ground running:) (tags: unix linux cli commands) […]

  29. mdhatter Says:

    Awesome link, a bit technical, but concise and deep.


  30. panca Says:

    10 minutes ? kewl

    but i need more than minutes to understand it


    good link

  31. 10 minutes? I thought people knew UNIX from birth.

  32. katm Says:

    I’m going to bookmark it. Much of it will take some digesting as I’m trying to move to Linux from Windows. But I think it’ll be a handy reference.

  33. pdhana Says:


    As a unix guy, i can say, you’re giving good information to newbies.

  34. […] Sunday, March 4th, 2007 in Linux This is a useful list of UNIX commands. I found it here. […]

  35. Admin Says:

    This is so cool.. I am going to study more about Unix.

  36. OmarOnie Says:

    This is definately helpful to both newbies and professionals. With the magnitude of commands in the UNIX system, it is just impossible to remember them ALL except the ones most comonly used. This can act as a good reference guide.


  37. youtubeclone Says:

    Very nice tutorial for beginners.

  38. gurus Says:

    Not for the beginners.Ok this is kool

  39. If I was teaching students for the first time, I would show them Nano or Pico, VI is a bit cruel!

  40. sketching Says:

    Thank you for posting such a useful tutorial. Makes a good quick reference.


  41. weldan Says:

    10 minutes in theory. how about practical? :p

  42. Sarah Says:

    I am a true beginner and feel that this was a good introduction to UNIX. It has gotten me through my first couple of days so that I can continue to learn.

  43. I think that whether or not you’re going to learn Unix in 10 minutes depends entirely on necessity level. Get yourself thrown in on a new job where you’re responsible for the linux-based mail server, have the server go up in smoke, and you’ll find yourself learning linux very quickly.

  44. Gnoletcom Says:

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  45. This site is useful for Unix Solaris learner


  46. […] Learn UNIX in 10 minutes.. « Discover (tags: unix linux howto tutorial) […]

  47. cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx Says:

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  48. s natarajan Says:

    without having basic knowledge about unix,it is very much useful to regular unix os user environment.thank a lot

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